Laureano Now Leads MLB, Most Teams With Eight Stolen Bases

Laureano currently drives MLB, most groups with eight taken bases

Correspondents have gotten some information about Ramón Laureano a ton of late.

“He’s Mr. Energy,” Melvin said Tuesday after the A’s 7-5 win over the Arizona Diamondbacks. “You’re never entirely certain what he will do straightaway.”

Laureano drives MLB with eight taken bases this season, getting his most recent in the highest point of the 10th inning Tuesday. He has more taken bases than everything except three groups.메이저사이트

The Texas Rangers have taken 10 sacks, while the An’s and Colorado Rockies each have nine. Laureano, as of this composition, is attached with the Miami Marlins.

The whole group (!!!).

“Yet, there are folks that take bases and there are folks that take bases when you realize they will attempt to take, and he did around there,” Melvin said.

The whole A’s burrow anticipated that Laureano should take second after he singled in the highest point of the 10th. He did it at any rate, giving Oakland a genuinely necessary protection run when Matt Chapman significantly increased to left later in the inning.

“You know, that is another level sort thing for him,” Melvin said of Laureano. “He’s been buckling down with our base-running trainers about getting stuff and getting great hops.”

Notwithstanding the speed, Laureano as of now is cutting .306/.375/.500 with 11 hits and four RBI, striking out only multiple times in 40 plate appearances.

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Melvin said he trusts Laureano will be an All-Star determination soon, yet the middle defender isn’t giving an excessive amount of consideration to those conversations. On the off chance that he keeps this up, he will hear them significantly more.

“Clearly, his certainty is off the outlines at this moment so it seems as he accomplishes something consistently to add to a success,” Melvin said. “He’s quite electric.”

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