Start Over Singer Gaho Has Begun The Countdown For Upcoming Single; Shows Bold New Look

Vocalist lyricist Gaho disclosed the second music video for his forthcoming rebound with “Busy time”.

Composed By Pinkvilla Desk 40377 peruses Mumbai Published: May 23, 2021 07:55 pm

At 12 PM on May 20 KST, Planetarium Records (PLT) revealed the second music video mystery of Gaho’s single Rush Hour, which will be delivered at 6 pm on May 24 through true SNS.메이저사이트

The secret video starts with an artistic state of mind. It includes a scene where Gaho, at the corner store, is by all accounts hanging tight for somebody. He, at that point, takes a gander at a lady in a public telephone corner. A habit-forming guitar riff sound streams all through the video, catching audience members’ ears.

At the party time of May 17 KST, the absolute first mystery video of the melody was delivered. The secret video, with desolate ambient sound, highlights individuals encountering gridlocks on a packed street. A man gets down to check what’s going on and discovers a truck, with the words AVOID THIS RUSH HOUR, right in the center of the street.

Gaho showed his change with debris white hair that has never been appeared; through a secret banner. Specifically, his stylish yet charming look in the marvelous lighting makes certain to grab the attention. Gaho likewise draws consideration by pre-revealing the creation of the MV. The video of the work time frame contains a melodic story dependent on the hints of tension as a vocalist musician, from song work to harmony movement, picture making, and where his motivation came from when composing verses.

The craftsman got consideration after a year ago’s JTBC show Itaewon Class OST Start Over positioned first on different music graphs. Gaho is getting high consideration from China, Japan, significant Southeast Asian nations, the United States and Europe, and is growing his impact as an artist lyricist abroad.

Gaho is additionally booked to hold a Twitter Blueroom Live meeting from 8 pm KST around the same time as the arrival of Rush Hour, and have a unique gathering with worldwide fans.

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