How Gabrielle Dennis Felt About Backlash Over Her Portrayal Of Whitney Houston

Gabrielle Dennis as Whitney Houston in ‘The Bobby Brown Story’

Dennis realized she was facing a challenge by tolerating the job of Houston in The Bobby Brown Story. The marriage among Houston and Brown was chronicled in the two-section TV biopic that circulated on BET in 2017.

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At that point, she called it perhaps the greatest test of her vocation. “It’s on a stage that is our foundation, so it will get an alternate arrangement of eyes and an increased degree of consideration,” she told ESSENCE. In any case, she said it was a genuine honor to star as “The Voice.” Moreso, she studied Houston personally and not the hotshot, which she says was the most remunerating part.

“She was fun,” she said of Houston’s character. “I think the exploration was the best time part. Having the chance to figure out the amount of a fun-vivacious, adoring individual she was, who had her companions’ backs and wanted to chuckle [was fun]. The exploration was the most exceptional to me since I felt like, in my own specific manner, I drew nearer to her.”

The entertainer says she felt gigantic strain to do well in her depiction as Whitney Houston

Dennis sparkled as Houston, with fans commending her presentation as truly outstanding on-screen depictions in a biopic. Yet, in front of recording and in the midst of projecting affirmations, distrust in regards to whether she could convey emerged. Many scrutinized the likeness among Dennis and the notable artist. There were additionally questions in regards to whether Dennis could ridicule Houston as a performer.

Compounding the situation, Houston’s family has been resolved that they don’t uphold any biopic or narrative unique that they aren’t engaged with.

Source: YouTube

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“That one just came dissimilar to some other work. It accompanied this degree of pressing factor not just from the fans’ point of view since you’re depicting somebody that individuals feel that they know, but at the same time there’s the pressing factor of moving toward it with the degree of regard and delicacy since this was a genuine individual who has genuine friends and family,” Dennis disclosed to The Jasmine Brand.

She likewise takes note of that she had insignificant opportunity to prepare for the job. “It was testing likewise in light of the fact that I didn’t have a great deal of time. In a real sense, I was at an open house attempting to get me a house on Saturday I got the call [and] I ventured out [to take it]… They resembled ‘However you had the chance to be here Monday.’ I resembled ‘Huh? Monday who?'”

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