Gong Myung Opens Up About His Ambitious Personality, What He Learned While Filming “Extreme Job,” And More

In the meeting, which occurred hours before the principal broadcast of the dramatization, Gong Myung communicated his energy and furthermore interest for how the show would end up. “I’m interested how the chief carried it to culmination,” he said. “You know, one reason I picked this dramatization was a result of chief Jang Tae Yoo.”

The entertainer had really established himself because of his job in “Outrageous Job” and furthermore got a lot of consideration for his job in the JTBC show “Melo Is My Nature.” Regarding the low viewership appraisals of the last dramatization, Gong Myung said that numbers and information implied little to him. All things considered, what is important most to him are “the collaboration between the entertainers and different things identified with acting.”먹튀중개소

In “Admirers of the Red Sky,” Gong Myung assumes the job of the unique Prince Yangmyeong, who meanders around looking for excellence. At the point when asked what he by and by observes to be wonderful, Gong Myung reacted, “The little things. At the point when I sit at a window outline made of wood on a radiant day, I contemplate internally, ‘Ah, this is lovely.’

I feel that when I’m driving in the heavy storm also. At the point when I practice alone or go setting up camp and gradually advance home, I feel it when I see the sun setting past the scaffold. Regardless of whether the view isn’t so glorious, I figure magnificence can be found all over.”

At the point when the discussion went to his character, Gong Myung brought up his work to never keep away from things he would not like to do. “I’ve done this since I was a child,” he shared. “Regardless of whether something happens that I would prefer not to occur, or regardless of whether I lament something I did, I basically advise myself that it will pass and that it’s alright as long as I picked up something. You can utilize what you realized to not mess up the same way once more.”

Gong Myung added that this doesn’t mean he won’t ever stagger. “In the event that something ends up making me stagger, I let myself fall. I appreciate testing myself, yet I additionally want to succeed. I need to progress admirably, and I disdain losing.”

The entertainer stressed his craving to see through each challenge he takes on, presenting a model in regards to a book he had purchased as of late. “I had been perusing Bernard Werber’s ‘Tomorrow the felines,’ yet I hadn’t completed it because of the reason of being occupied. It wasn’t care for I’d considered purchasing the book.

I just got this is on the grounds that the cover was adorable. By and by, if I get it with the expectation of understanding it, I need to understand it. Recently I had some time so I chose to complete it, and I did precisely that.”

Gong Myung likewise uncovered his sympathetic side, taking note of that he tends to relate to things he finds in narratives and on the news. At the point when the questioner referenced that it very well may be a decent quality for an entertainer to have, Gong Myung concurred, saying that it was one of his solid focuses. “On account of that, I’m ready to focus more while acting, and furthermore express my person all the more sincerely.”

As he feels for and drenches himself in his job, Gong Myung likewise thinks that it is difficult to switch jobs when the opportunity arrives. He remarked, “from the get go, I was unable to get what different entertainers implied when they said it was hard and tiring to escape a job subsequent to inundating themselves in it, yet in the wake of acting myself I understood it’s valid.

Submerging yourself in a job and afterward emerging from that job just to drench yourself in another is a type of preparing. I think I’ve prepared myself subsequent to getting a great deal of cuts and injuries en route.”

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