Country Diary: The Call Of The Wild Bird

Canada geese, wigeon, greenish blue and shovelers are swimming and taking care of in the pools. I remain under the close by trees, behind a support, the cover permitting me to watch the birds from only a couple of meters away, and pay attention to their steady contact calls of delicate whistles and sounds.

Male shovelers are dunking their flickering green heads into the water and clearing their wide bills from one side to another. Two Canada geese go about as sentinels, observing carefully from raised ground while others feed. Close to them, two Egyptian geese – the relatives of got away from birds, presently reproducing in the wild – are becoming fomented and begin to scream noisily. Believing it’s my quality that is upset them, I lurk away to the following stow away.메이저사이트

A herd of redwings lands in the trees close by an open field. The little thrushes, late appearances from northern Scandinavia and Russia, vacillate among the branches, blazing the orangey patches on their flanks and calling delicately. As I enter the stow away, I hear another call – a kestrel’s delayed, sharp “yikkering” – coming from some place over the rooftop. I plunk down and watch out through the windows.

I don’t need to stand by long. The kestrel flies low, before the stow away, and lands on a huge, round hill of earth which had been uncovered during the work to clear the water channels on the save. I watch the little male hawk, its dim head and chestnut brown back set apart with dark pointed stone shapes. It peers down eagerly at the dull turf at its feet. Abruptly, it bounces from one foot to another down the side of the hill and thrusts. It flicks up its snared bill and swallows a huge dark creepy crawly.

It keeps on hunting in this manner for around 15 minutes, prior to bouncing back on top of the hill. It turns its head round in sharp developments, swaying its head all over – checking its environmental factors. It’s idea that these weaving developments empower the bird to make a three-dimensional image of the scene, as a rule before flight. The kestrel dispatches into the air and folds back over the stow away, carefully hidden. I hear its yikkering call once more.

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