Deaf football players, who rose to stardom in California, get front-row seat to Super Bowl

PHOTO: Wide receiver Jory Valencia #3, a student at the California School for the Deaf in Riverside, runs with the ball during one of the Cubs Varsity football team games in 2021.

The California School for the Deaf in Riverside’s football crew carried pride and win to the state last year, and presently the secondary school football crew is set to be perceived on the public stage Sunday at Super Bowl 56 in Inglewood, California.토토사이트

The co-chiefs of the Riverside Cubs are set to join Billie Jean King and other nearby football stars as privileged skippers of the coin throw, the NFL reported Friday, as the association praises incorporation.

The four co-chiefs going to the Super Bowl are Trevin Adams, Christian Jimenez, Jory Valencia and Enos Zornoza.

The Cubs players and mentors utilize American Sign Language to impart. When considered longshots, Riverside’s football crew opposed the chances with an almost undefeated season last year that jolted observers in California and then some.

Erika Thompson, a representative for CSDR let ABC News know that the school is “excited” to have its players “challenge generalizations” and address the hard of hearing local area at the Super Bowl.

“I trust this brings consciousness of what the school brings to the table for hard of hearing and deaf understudies, where they get the full scope of encounters in scholastics, sports and initiative,” she said.

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