WATCH: EXID’s Solji drops moving MV for ‘Fade away’ from first solo mini album ‘First Letter’

Young lady bunch EXID’s Solji’s first independent small collection is at long last here! The pioneer and fundamental entertainer of EXID, Solji declared the arrival of ‘First Letter’ on February 14. As of February 25 at 2:30 pm IST, the small scale collection has authoritatively been delivered, alongside a music video for the title track ‘Disappear’.먹중소

In front of the delivery, Solji talked with news sources about ‘First Letter’. Supposedly, individual EXID individuals, Hani and Jeonghwa, named the title tune ‘Disappear’. Solji additionally shared that the tune really came to her two years prior, yet with various verses when contrasted with the last form.

While Solji herself doesn’t show up in it, the music video for ‘Disappear’ follows a youthful couple who shared a sweet sentiment while in secondary school, and meet again as grown-ups after their partition. The track is an anthem that communicates bitterness and yearning for an individual toward the finish of a season.

The small collection involves a sum of six tunes: ‘Disappear’ (title track), ‘Pad’, ‘Beaking Up’, ‘Have a decent day’, ‘Disappear (Inst.)’, and ‘Separating (Inst.)’. Remarkably, out of the six tracks in ‘First Letter’, Solji has her name on the credits for ‘Cushion’ as a lyricist for the melody.

Solji joined EXID as the pioneer and the primary performer of the gathering in July 2012, be that as it may, she was beforehand dynamic as an individual from the anthem pair bunch 2NB as well as a vocal coach. Attributable to her standing as a gifted craftsman, expectation was high for her first independent scaled down collection.

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