Muslim American speaks out on suing DHS, border officials over ‘intrusive’ religious questioning

Americans getting back from trips abroad are frequently welcomed by line officials with a “welcome home.” But Abdirahman Aden Kariye, a Muslim American imam residing in Bloomington, Minnesota, says there have been no such good tidings for him.

Kariye, a child of evacuees who came to the U.S. from Somalia, let ABC News know that his air terminal encounters are characterized by a profound feeling of uneasiness. He asserts he is regularly “singled out” and taken into private spaces for a really long time long cross examinations by U.S. line officials.안전놀이터

Be that as it may, throughout the course of recent years, he charges these extra screenings upon his return from global excursions were combined with a blast of inquiries investigating his strict convictions and practices.

“Those encounters caused me to feel that I needed to make myself less apparent as a Muslim,” Kariye said, asserting that the scrutinizing welcomed on such an excess of nervousness that while voyaging he quit asking at the air terminal, quit conveying strict texts written in Arabic and, surprisingly, quit wearing his kufi, a brimless cap that a few Muslim men wear all over the planet.

A portion of the inquiries posed by U.S. line officials, as indicated by Kariye, included what sort of Muslim he is, whether he’s Sunni or Shia, how often per day he supplicates, what mosque he joins in, his perspectives on a specific Muslim researcher, whether he pays attention to music, whether he concentrates on Islam and where he concentrated on Islam.

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